Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Ethic And The Fabric Of SPP

Within this neighbourhood of America : USA, Mexico and Canada : we find a continuum dialogue that seeks to provide an acceptable venue for mutual collaboration. We strive to capture the essence of a thriving individual survival and wise nationhood. There is NAFTA and the SPP.
To fully understand our joint and several capacity to manage well these resources of land, waterways and air; then, we might exercise caution through the embrace of history - we may, today - with a renewed vibrant citizenry in the United States of America - find that life is good!

Contemporary history's lessons advise us that indigenous people chose to call these lands Turtle Island : North & South; and, that upon the European colonial arrival - many centuries later - there has been a chartered embrace towards statehood within the Americas.
Further, it is possible that we may find, today, that Zheng He enjoyed the vibrant flavour of these Turtle Island shores and lands as he commanded his fleets through global tides those many years before Columbus and others from Europe ventured here to America with abundant corporate zeal.
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